The Movement of Catholic Graduates and Professionals of Sri Lanka,( MCGP Sri Lanka)  conducted a Holy Mass at Thammita Church in Negombo on November 16th. Reverend Father Santha Sagara Hettiarachchi presided over the mass, which saw the participation of  MCGP members and their families.
In his sermon, Rev. Fr. Sagara emphasized the significance of viewing November not merely as a month of remembrance for the departed but as a month of living. He addressed the challenges faced by many in Sri Lanka due to mismanagement and governance issues, highlighting the prevalent hardships and a concerning increase in suicide cases across the nation. Emphasizing hope and anticipation of liberation, he called upon the members of MCGP  to unite, support each other, and contribute to building a more inclusive society.
The Mass concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Mr. Maxwell Ranasingha, the President of MCGP Sri Lanka.
Mr. Ranasingha urged members to stand united around MCGP, encouraging them to leverage the knowledge and experience gained in universities and workplaces to positively impact society.
He underlined MCGP’s close collaboration with Pax Romana ICMICA and announced plans to initiate an environmental conservation project involving MCGP members.
During the fellowship dinner following the Mass, members collectively decided to host the Annual Christmas Get-Together on December 18th in Negombo, fostering a sense of community and celebration among MCGP Sri Lanka members.
Aruna Shantha Nonis
Secretary- MCGP Sri Lanka 🇱🇰