Magyar Pax Romana

Pax Romana Hungary


The history

     The Hungarian Catholic Youth Alliance (KDSZ) helped in establishment of the International Movement of Catholic Students (MIEC) in Fribourg in 1921. MIEC coordinates the Catholic students’ movements in the vast majority of countries in the world. The main goal of the founders was to enhance international peace by resolving hatred originating before and after WWI among nations.

    The adopted name “Pax Romana” reminds us of the warless, peaceful world around the birth-time of Christ, as well as of the important peace mission led by the present Rome.

In 1947 the organization for intellectuals of Pax Romana was formed. KDSZ was banned by the communist party-state in 1947. Those Hungarian Catholic students who escaped to Western European countries, established the successor in title of the Hungarian Catholic Youth Alliance; headquartered first in Graz, and later in Munich. This (KDSZ) was officially recognized by the international students’ association of Pax Romana (MIEC) in 1950.

Since 1956 KDSZ had been operating under different names: from 1964 to 1987 as Hungarian Catholic University Movement, whereas from 1987 as Hungarian Catholic Intellectuals’ Movement – Pax Romana (KMÉM-Pax Romana). After the democratic transformation had started, the Hungarian organization of Pax Romana was re-established on the initiative of KMÉM.


The mission of MPR is to serve both the Catholic Church and Hungarian society