The situation

The country is on the eve of political events (referendum and national elections before the end of 2013), meaning a period of possible instability. The humanitarian situation was not very promising, (crop failure, hunger, disease, HIV and AIDS, increasing unemployment especially of the youth.

On the religious and moral front, the growing popularity of Pentecostal churches preaching the gospel of prosperity and instant miracles, the fragility of the family, increasing materialism, corruption with impunity pose a big challenge. Zimbabwe’s transitional generations are negatively impacted by globalization, evolving technologies, widening gap between old and young with loss of moral guidance to the young and erosion of worthy values.

What to do as Catholic professionals?

The Church has on-going institutional programs on different issues: health, education, livelihoods and emergencies, peace and justice, lay and pastoral issues. Among CPNZ’s objectives are the following:

To be of service as professionals to the Church and its institutions

To work in collaboration with other Catholic groups as well as support Catholic youth groups.