On November 28th the heads of European Union member states will gather in Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, for a summit of the “Eastern Partnership”. This project was championed by Poland and Sweden in 2008 as a way of engaging with six former Soviet republics (Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia) after Russia blocked Georgia’s and Ukraine’s path to NATO. The success or failure of this venture depends on whether Ukraine, by far the largest and most important of the six, signs an association and free-trade agreement with the EU.

After a year and half of preparation for the signing of the Agreement with the European Union, Ukrainian state authority suddenly decided to stop the process and turned to Russia. It happened after the most recent meetings of Ukraine’s President Victor Yanukovych with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia’s pressure before the summit of the “Eastern Partnership” in Vilnius is evident in the openly and behind the scenes issued threats and intimidations. Ukraine’s Yanukovych administration is working in Russia’s interests.
The Ukrainian state’s authoritarian decision endangers not only democracy, but also the very sovereignty of Ukraine. We feel very strongly that such reversal also endangers European states.
On Sunday, 24th of November, more than 100 000 Ukrainian people gathered on the “EuroMaydan” (#ЄвроМайдан – “EuroPlace”), to rally support for our European choice. We don’t want to go back to the Soviet Union.
Daily participation in the “EuroMaydan” in different cities in Ukraine, young Ukrainians demonstrate their determination for dignity and justice and choice for United Europe. We aspire European development of Ukraine. Europe is our strategic geopolitical and cultural choice, our cultural and civilization step!
We kindly ask you, to unite with us in prayers and to support our choice for Eurointegration to share our common European and Christian values. Please, help us join Europe, the European Community and we feel certain that together we will make a better and stronger Europe!