Sacred Heart Catholic Church had called an emergency meeting of the religious leadership of all churches in the city on Sunday evening. Thus, All Churches Council Sahiwal was formed which organized a protest rally to show solidarity with the victims of Brutal Terrorist attack on two churches in Youhandabad, Lahore. The initial meeting was attended by about 75 religious leaders, social and political activists.

As planned the people from all over the city and neighbouring villages and localities started gathering in the Catholic Church compound. At midday, the rally moved toward the city and had a few protest stops on the way. Main features were the prayers for the victims, their families and for peace in the country. There were readings from the Holy Bible and also religious hymns and Psalms were sung on the way. There were also slogans raised to condemn the brutality and to demand justice.  Some representatives from Sikh community had also joined in the protest.

Sister Rosy OP (Principal St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School)  Fr. Almas OP and Fr. Raphael Mehnga OP, Parish Priest of Catholic Church addressed the rally.  All speakers unanimously condemned the act, demanded immediate arrest of the culprits, enforcement of law and order in the country.  They also prayed that that peace will prevail in the country and all people will be able to live in peace and harmony. They also re-affirmed the enthusiasm to continue the positive role in the education, health and for prosperity of Pakistan.

It was an act of solidarity which stressed that the whole nation was united together to fight against terrorism, shoulder by shoulder with all law enforcing agencies.