Sahiwal: International Women’s Day  is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future Active Youth Group celebrated the International Day of women’s in Sahiwal region on March 08, 2015. This seminar held in St. Mary’s Convent Hall in which 70 females and 20 male participated. Sr. Costanza OP was the chief guest and Mrs. Parveen and Shamsa Anwar were the guest of honour.



Sr. Rosy Nawab OP have taken first session of the seminar in which she talked about the life of femals Saints and leaders who influenced on the others life. She also showed the documentary where women’s were giving their best role to uplift the community.

Sr. Firdos OP talked on women’s right and she said that womens are 51% of the total population where she get right of 15% in govt jobs. Government needs to measure more struggle to empower the womens.

Miss Shamsa said that our constitution and law of Pakistan give the equal opportunities to women but our male dominant society always ignore the rights of us by tradition barriers.

Fr. Raphael OP added that society is not developed until female not contribute in it. Womens need to keep struggle for their rights.

Ashiknaz Khokhar (organizer) said that its male responsibility to make sure that women are having their rights and they have to encourage and honour women works in the society.

Reported By: Ashiknaz Khokhar

                        Active Youth Group