Kenya Movement of Catholic Professionals (KMCP) is a Catholic organization composed of Catholic Professionals in Kenya. KMCP is a member of the Commission for Pastoral & Lay Apostolate under the auspices of the Kenya Episcopal Conference. KMCP was started in 1981 and it was until 2008 that a national secretariat was established under the management of a part time coordinator, two year elected National Executive Team and a National Chaplain. KMCP is also the National Federation of Pax Romana — International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs (Pax Romana-ICMICA) in Kenya. Pax Romana- ICMICA is an international Association of Catholic professionals and intellectuals united for a peaceful, equitable and sustainable world. Pax Romana ICMICA is recognized by the Holy See and is active in international civil society networks such as the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations. It has a consultative relationship with the United Nations. In Kenya, KMCP is the official representative of Pax Romana-ICMICA at the UNEP/UN Habitat.

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